Gardening Testimonials

“It’s an absolute pleasure to have Moira look after our garden. She’s incredibly hard-working, friendly, reliable, knows her stuff and keeps everything looking gorgeous all year round. We have a wide variety of planting, trees, hedges and Moira keeps it all in tip top condition. Our garden has never looked better and we are massively thankful.” – CM

“Moira is a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable gardener. She has a great love for plants and works with care and skill and leaves the garden looking neat and tidy. You certainly can see that she has been around!!” – DJ

“Moira and her husband Mark have worked for us just over a year, they mainly look after our garden, which is mainly down to Moira.

I am disabled so am unable to do anything out there apart from admire it and my husband is not a gardener. She keeps it tidy and weed free, it looks beautiful all the time, she has sorted out my hanging baskets, tubs and tomato plants for me.

I have never had a gardener before, but Moira is all that could be hoped for in that respect, she really puts herself out to help me.

Mark has done things for my husband and myself and they are both nice, friendly people who we are glad to have in our home and spend time with.” – AG

“I’m always happy with the excellent quality of work which is carried out very conscientiously. Moira always goes above and beyond what’s expected and my garden always looks beautiful and tidy.” – JH

“As a very elderly client, I have found Moira to be a friendly and reliable lady and I feel very safe with her. She is of course an excellent gardener also.” – JS

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